Sarsing is a town located in the province of Duhok in Iraqi Kurdistan. It is supposedly considered as a touristic place at least in the eyes of Ministry of Tourism of Iraqi Kurdistan Regional government.


Sarsing is a touristic town on the northern side of Gara Mountain, just 50 km northeast of Duhok. The town has many trees and lies at the foot of the mountain. There are hotels, motels, restaurants, and a large market. King Faysal built a castle in Sarsing, which is open to visitors. Other touristic towns, including Ashawa, Anishki, and Sulav, are nearby.

i s sub-district part of Amedi district in the province of Dohuk. The town is mainly inhabited by Assyrians and a minority of Kurds. The Assyrians are Tyari who came to the area from Hakkari, Turkey and Iran in 1916-1924 after the Assyrian Genocide during World War I. The name “Sarsing” came from the location of the village,


The village of Sarsing or Sarsink was founded when 26 Assyrian families from the Hakkari region of Turkey who survived the Assyrian Genocide settled here between the years of 1916-1921. After settling here a number of projects were initiated, with both the first school opening and a new church being built in 1928. The School was founded by Qasha Odisho, son of Qasha Zacharia Lazar. The name of the school was “The Assyrian Private School of Sarsing”, and the primary language of instruction was Arabic, as well as Syriac and English. The languages were taught starting from first and second grades respectively. The church was built in 1928 to replace the old one that was built in 1922 with a bigger one. However, During the process of laying new foundations of the new church several pieces of antiques were found. Among these pieces were a cross surrounded by circles sculptured on a stone, and a stony basin used for baptism and a bronze cutter. The Church therefore gained even more importance, and the towns existence Christian history was therefore much older than they once thought.


In 1932 a highway was built passing through Sarsing to and from Duhok and Amadiya. This project gave Sarsing a vital and important position in the region and it offered its residents more access to various daily services.


ABOUT Swaratuka

Swaratukia is a beautiful resort 32 km northeast of Duhok. It is 1,075 meters above sea level and trees surround the village, creating a green and refreshing environment. The mountain views are stunning and the air is fresh. The village has a restaurant, cafes, and picnic areas.

Is a small town in Kurdistan (the North of Iraq) 26  km of the province city Dohuk. The town lies 1400 m. above the sea level and has been surrounded by four mountains, Zangelo in

the East, Sare Ibrahimi in the north, Hessen and Qopi in the west.

Weather: It again is very pleasant. Hardly in the winter with many sneeuwval and warm in the summer with so’n 30 degrees. In the spring, Swaratuka each year again carries her green dress with many colorful wild flowers in the surrounding mountains.