Nawroz University

Nawroz University

University of Nawroz  is an Iraqi Private college and the first private university in Duhok, Iraq, which was initially named “Duhok University College” when it was founded in 2004 by the Syndicate of Economists in Duhok Governorate.




About Nawroz University


Nawroz University was initially named “Duhok University College” when it was founded in 2004 by the Syndicate of Economists in Duhok Governorate, with the approval of the Prime Minister of the Iraqi  Kurdistan Region on  July 20, 2004. On that date the university started accepting students, and teaching began on December 1, 2004, based on resolution 3/2 of the Consultation Committee of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region, dated December 1, 2004.

After its opening in 2004, Duhok University College kept expanding unil in 2009 it was renamed Nawroz University, in accordance with decision 2854 of the Council of Ministers of theIraqi Kurdistan Region,dated September 15, 2009. This decision was announced to the institutions of the Region in accordance with decision 517 of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, dated October 5, 2009.

The university includes now five faculties which are Law and Politics Faculty, Economicsand Administration faculty, Computer Science and I.T. faculty, Languages faculty, And Engineering faculty.

About College Departments

College of Law and Politics

ABOUT The college of law and politics was first founded in 2009 as a propagation ( extention ) of the department of law that was founded in 2004-2005 which was one of the department of the College of Dohuk the University ( now University of Nawroz ). The number of students has exceeded 1000 boys and girls ( male and female students ) this year.

College of Computer & IT

ABOUT Since computer sciences are in persistent advancement, and nowadays, these sciences are implemented in all general and private sectors. This only indicates the significance of computer science and I.T department. Thus we are set to achieve our objectives of educating students through regional and international expert lecturers and instructors, and by developing advanced course books. The department of computer science has been established in 2005.

College of Administration and Economics

The Faculty of Management and Economics is an extension of the Department of Economics, which was established as part of the University of Duhok in 2004. Today, the College comprises five scientific departments: the Department of Economics, the Department of Finance and Banking, the Accounting Department, and the Tourism Department.

College of Languages

The College of Languages was established in 2009. The College comprises two departments, namely the Department of Kurdish Language and the Department of English Language. The Department of Kurdish Language offers a four- year programme leading to B.A. degree in Kurdish language and literature, whereas the Department of English language offers a four- year programme leading to B.A. degree in English language and literature.

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering was established at Nawroz University in July, 2013. It includes the Department of Computer and Communications Engineering and the Department of Architecture. Engineering College at Nawroz University is an integrated departments comprised of the best academics, staff and students from country. we deliver practical outcomes for society by a professional academic studies .The college aims to do what is the best for the student to get good results for their future career , engage with real issues and make a difference and give solutions in future.