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About The Directorate of Meteorology & Seismology - Duhok

The Directorate of Meteorology and Seismology was established in Duhok in 1990 and was affiliated with the Directorate of Transport and Communications at that time, and in 2006, after the separation of the Ministries of Transport and Communications, it became affiliated with the Transportation Directorate in Duhok Governorate, and in 2007 it became an existing directorate in its own right and affiliated with the General Directorate of Meteorology and Seismology in Erbil under the name (Directorate of Meteorology and Seismic Monitoring) and was officially inaugurated on 14/5/2008


The directorate, like other directorates, consists of several departments such as administration, accounts, auditing, and the rest of the recognized departments, in addition to the climate and statistics department specialized in all antenna information, its analysis and study, as well as the seismic monitoring section for seismic monitoring, and GIS and IT departments have been added as the legal division.


Of Our Tasks

 Monitoring weather phenomena and providing information and warnings related to weather and climate to the beneficiaries and those interested in the appropriate time in a smooth and comfortable manner.

• Establishing a data bank, working on collecting climate data and weather phenomena in the region

• Measuring weather elements

• Establishing a network of weather stations

• Issuing bulletins and weather forecasts

• Contribution to constructional and economic planning

• Contributing to agricultural development projects

• Providing the weather forecast to the public

• Providing farmers with weather forecasts

• Issuing regular weather forecasts through the various audio and written media and the Internet

Providing researchers and students in universities with private information

• Providing the public and private sectors with climate information

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