Departments Technical Informatics College of Akre


as one of the biggest Districts of Duhok Governorate and the nonstop calls of the officials as well the needs of the whole area to providing the students coming from the high schools with the necessity of such, the decision of opening the TC Akre is released in 8-Jun 2014 from the Ministry of Higher Education.




  •   Mission:

For those who are working in information technology field to be professional in their work.  Hence, they will have the ability of planning, providing, designing the necessary jobs at their offices. Also, to have the responsibilities of choosing the hardware components and combining them with related software programs. Adding to that, they must prepare the required software applications and the necessary maintenance at their offices.

Job-examples of the IT staff: Designing and administrating computer networks, designing Web-sites for the offices, installing the devices related to the electronic-government applications.

  •          Vision:

There are two meaning of the IT: First and the famous one that is used with various computer-jobs in general. The second meaning refers to all university programs that the students prepare them to provide technology-requirements for commercial, government, health, education and all other jobs.

IT programs known as new and up-to-date programs. This is a new field because these programs have been generated and used during nineteenths for providing the necessary requirements for commercial institutions and other institutions. This is because nowadays the computers and their networks became a standard device at all sectors.

  •         Description of the Graduate Task :

Information technologists generally design, operate or maintain technology products. Not limited to employment with technology companies, information technology (IT) specialists may work with any businesses, agencies or organizations that use technology or manage large amounts of information. Regardless of the sector they work in, IT specialists usually provide similar services related to software, hardware, databases, Web resources, networks and enterprise systems.


1-     One of the major goals of the department is to come up with a staff that able to design & run computer networks safely & special governmental websites according to the needs of the institutions.

2-     Help to ensure the needs of local citizens & institutions through offering the necessary information to solve the problems that they face when they dealing with computers and networks concerning information security.

3-     Participate in the progress of the science of information security with the scientific basis of this science.

4-     Receiving specialized grades in the fields of computer engineering & communications and financial, scientific as well as commercial areas.



 Vision: The department of information security is considered to be one of the first scientific departments in technical college of informatics. It has been established in September 2016, and since that time 52 students have been accepted from secondary schools to start their studies according to the plane performed. This department has been established to fulfill the excessive needs of governmental institutions in the Kurdistan region and to ensure the graduation of a dedicated staff in this significant field to cover the requirements of the governmental institutions in this time.

  •        Mission:

     The mission of the accounting department is to serve and develop the society by preparing the accountants that are able to provide the economical markets, contribute, support, modify the economical environment, and invest in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

  •        Vision:

     The accounting department is one of the most vital departments in Akre technical college, DohukPolytechnic University.  This department provides craft and academic information on the accounting field. So, this department will contribute to provide the market sector in Kurdistan Region with the accountants that are able to perform the accounting tasks and to develop them.


  •        Description of the Graduate Task :
  •         To prepare accounting parties which are ready scientifically and practically for governmental nongovernmental sectors.
  •         Prepare students primarily to help them for work after graduation academically and professionally.
  •         The creation of ambition and desire for students towards development of the accounting profession and overcome any &nibs;weakness points.
  •         Provide special background comparisons with different accounting systems and feasibility for building accounting systems.
  • About:   College of  Business Administration 



     College of Business Administration provides quality and accessible undergraduate and graduate education to a diverse community of students from metropolitan kutdistan-iraq. Our multicultural faculty prepares students for professional careers in an increasingly interconnected world. The college emphasizes cognitive and experiential learning, research (predominantly applied and pedagogical), and urban leadership through service.



    We aspire to become a leading metropolitan college of business, recognized for the quality of our academic programs and our graduates, as well as for our contributions to kurdistan-iraq.


    Description of the Graduate Task :

             Our goal is to attract, educate and graduate students who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a diverse, global business environment. 

  • About:-Department of Horticulture

    Horticulture Department is one of the first departments together with Department of Information Technology which Akre technical college started with. Its established  to meet the needs for highly skilled Horticulture professionals in the Akre area and in the region. 


    The vision of the department is to become a developed center of in the field of horticulture. This department seeks to insure the human food, and try to apply the  developed methods from academic perspective and technical perspective, and constructing new methods in order  to increase the production & improve the quality by using different techniques of  Tissue culture, Horticulture Plant Breeding to support the local markets.


        As a result of progress and urban development taking place in the country and which it must be accompanied by an increase in the cultivated fruits, vegetables, trees and the creation of parks and green spaces and the creation of nurseries to provide seedlings of trees necessary and important plants and modern species it and according to the specifications required spaces, and reduction of post-harvest losses through modern Post-harvest technologies.

    Description of the Graduate Task :

    1. Student recognizes the types of fruit trees and modern methods of propagation and production of fruit seedlings.

    2. Student learns how to grow vegetables types of winter and summer, and according to schedule and follow the methods and modern methods of cultivation and production.

    3. Student learns how to set up parks and design  and supervising them and sustain them.

    4. Students learn how to create nurseries and greenhouses and glass, and managed scientifically incorrect.

    5. Student learns the types of ornamental plants task and the methods used in its production   and propagate them.

    6. Students learn how to raise fruit trees and how to conduct pruning operations in a timely manner and according to its purpose.