Welcome To Duhok Province

Duhok is the capital of Duhok Governorate in Kurdistan and part of Iraqi Kurdistan, with a population of approximately 421858 inhabitants.


Duhok governorate lies in the far north-west of Iraq


The Duhok people are speaking Kurdish which is apart of the Indo-European languages.


The population of Duhok is about 421858 in 2019.

Climate Of Duhok

The climate is warm and temperate in Duhok. In winter, there is much more rainfall in Duhok than in summer. The climate here is considered to be an average temperature in Duhok.

Culture and Language

Kurdish culture is a group of distinctive cultural traits practiced by Kurdish people.

Kurdish Food

Kurdish Food consists of a wide variety of foods prepared by the Kurdish people.

Duhok destination it is Fresh air, high mountains, wonderful Valleys, fertile plains, trees, forests and meadows, while springs flow with fresh and clear water in foothills and Valleys.

Destination Of Duhok


Amedi is a small, beautiful town built on a mountain plateau. Amedi located northeast of Duhok, and 75 km far from Duhok.  


Akre is located 100 km East of Duhok, 25 km from the Ruvea intersection, on the way to Erbil and the Barzan town. 


Zakho is the second largest city in Duhok province, located northwest of Duhok, and 50 km far from Duhok.


Shekhan is located Southeast of Duhok, 45 km far from Duhok, and is one of the oldest towns in Duhok Province. 

Educational institutions

Duhok Polytechnic

Duhok Polytechnic University (DPU) is the only TECHNICAL public university in Duhok Governorate.Started as the Duhok Technical Institute (DTI) in 1988 in Duhok City.

University of

The University of Duhok (UoD) is a fast-growing institution in Duhok, Iraq. It plays a vital role in developing the community by instigating socioeconomic, cultural.

American University
of Kurdistan

The American University of Kurdistan (AUK) is a public, not-for-profit special status, university in Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Nawroz University was initially named “Duhok University College” when it was founded in 2004 by the Syndicate of Economists in Duhok Governorate.


Cihan University is the oldest established English-speaking private university and the first multi-campus University in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Events & Festivals


Newroz is a traditional celebration in Kurdish culture. Although many cultures in this part of the world have a springtime holiday, Newroz holds a special meaning for the Kurdish people.


March 10 of every year is a special day when Kurdish people celebrate the history of traditional Kurdish clothing by wearing their customary suits and dresses.

Duhok International Film Festival

The Duhok International Film Festival    (Duhok IFF)  is an annual film festival held in Duhok, Kurdistan Region. Each year Duhok IFF presents new and exciting cinema from the Kurdish Cinema and beyond. 

some hotel of duhok

Dilshad Palace Hotel


Rixos Hotel


Jiyan Hotel


Duhok Map

Location is everything

Duhok is the capital of Duhok Governorate in Iraqi Kurdistan, it is a Kurdish city with a population of approximately 420,000 inhabitants, consisting mostly of Kurds and Assyrians. The city is encircled by mountains.

Plan your trip to Duhok

The closest airport to Duhok is in the region’s capital of Erbil, approximately 180 km away. Several European cities offer direct flights to Erbil International Airport (EIA), and unlike federal Iraq and neighboring countries, residents of the U.S. and most Western nations can safely travel to Kurdistan on a free, 15-30 day visa-on-arrival. The trip to Duhok is on a paved road, but some areas are still under construction and can be somewhat trafficked. The drive takes approximately two hours depending on road conditions and time of day.


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