Directorate of Municipalities \Duhok

About The Directorate

The General Directorate of Municipalities in Duhok Governorate is one of the General Directorates in Duhok Governorate, whose founding dates back to the date of the formation of Duhok Governorate in its beginnings. The Directorate of Municipalities was the first to occupy the position of Director of Municipalities Mr. (Muhammad Salim Mufti) on 05/27/1970 until 3/10/1974, which was In turn, he supervises all the municipalities that fall within the borders of Duhok Governorate. At the time, it included 12 municipalities, except for the Presidency of the Municipality of Duhok and the Presidency of the Municipality of Zakho. And now the position is assumed by the General Director of Municipalities in Duhok Governorate, Mr. Engineer (Diyar Bahri Rasul), who assumed the position on 11/31/2018.

The number of employees of the Directorate at its inception was 22 employees. In 1993, municipalities in complexes were modernized, especially in regions with a population of more than three thousand, according to the Municipal Administration Law No. (6) of 1993.

According to Ministerial Order No. B6 and the fifth paragraph of this order dated 05/15/2011, the Municipalities Directorate in Duhok Governorate has become the General Directorate of Municipalities in Duhok Governorate and includes all the 47 municipalities that fall within the boundaries of Duhok Governorate, except for the Presidency of the Municipality of Duhok.

The Directorate General of Municipalities in Duhok Governorate consists of 14 departments, 27 divisions, and 2 deputy director generals

Duhok governorate consists of eight districts, including the district of Duhok, and each district consists of a group of municipalities located within its administrative boundaries :

Duhok district is within borders its  Zawita municipality. Baguira. Mankish. Cora.

Amedi district within its boundaries is each of the Amedi municipality’s.. Shiladze. Qdsh. Jumanke. Sarsing. Derlock. Kanye Mas. Brevka.

Semel district includes all of Simel municipality. Batel. Meseric. Tenahi. Sharya ,Khanke. Faydia.

Zakho District The municipalities belong to the municipality of Zakho. Bikova. Bativa. Bersev. Ibrahim Khalil . Darkar.

Sheikhan district includes Sheikhan municipality. Chra. Atrush. Meht. Kalkji.Qasrok. Xatar. Busan.

Akre district includes all of Akre municipality. Denarta. Bgil. Crdesin. Kalat.

Bardarash district consists of the municipality of Bardarash. Bashiryan. Rufia. Bunian. Darto. Kalak.

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