Departments Technical College of Administration


This college was established in the city of Duhok in 2013 as one of the most important administrative colleges that is concerned with the technical education in Kurdistan region/ Iraq to be compatible with the worldwide scientific and technical progress and other modern applications of technology and also to understand the developments that occurred in business environment and its administrative fields. The college awards B.A in administrative and technical science, and the time period of the study is four years. The graduate will become an administrative technician.





This foundation was in 2013, aimed to prepare specialists in skills that include management and information and capable of taking responsibilities to work in different managements that apply accounting, financial and administrative systems of work and also using information to run and manage different organizations in a way that helps to make decisions based on correct and sound data. The graduates are able to use those systems and applications in managing accounting, monetary, and administrative operations. Also, the use of administrative data base to prepare the information that are used in different organizations and also assisting the process of designing the IT and its mechanism to develop it in a way that meet the developed and renewed labor requirements. Furthermore, the assessment of the process of decision –taking through collecting data and analyzing it in different sectors and fields.


Providing the new graduates with the scientific fundamentals that help them to be specialized in the fields of programming and IT, and also providing them with excellent textbooks that are subordinated to quality standards and the positive reaction of the department to serve the environment and developing the society.



The department attempts to form an extraordinary scientific basis in the field of IT to be compatible with the technological and scientific developments and the achievement of quality in the university performance and to promote the students’ levels towards entrepreneurial competitiveness.


  •          Preparing a highly qualified cadre that are scientifically provided with skills of management and information that are used in accounting, financial and administrative operations and also managing the affairs of different organizations to make proper decision – taking based on sound and developed data.
  •          Preparing a highly qualified cadre should be able to use ready applications in managing the accounting, financial, and managerial operations using administrative data base in a way that suits the renewed labor needs as well as to have intellectual awareness prevailed among individuals of the society.
  •          Providing students with sort of textbooks that give them the chance of selecting the desired specialty to provide graduates with variety of scientific backgrounds.
  •          The establishment of cooperative relationships among the departments and other related companies concerned with programming industry to make good use of experiences that support the scientific research in the field of IT.
  •          Starting training courses that aim at raising levels of computer applications in different fields and encourage people to join them.
  •          Establishing a quality system that ensures raising the performance at educational, research and serving society levels.


Descriptions of the Graduate’s Tasks:

       The graduate is qualified to do the following tasks:

  •          Programming different management systems’ operations.
  •          Using different applications in the operations management.
  •          Developing the information systems’ mechanisms.
  •          Dealing with the data bases in a way that suits the renewed labor requirements.
  •          The establishment of websites on the internet.


 The Admission:

  The department admits the preparatory schools students/scientific branch conclusively/ and the institute graduates /computer studies.


This department was established in 2013, and aims to prepare a specialized technical staff to work in the fields of financial and accounting sciences to find employment opportunities in the insurance companies and other financial and monetary institutions and other companies concerned with computer technologies that perform accounting and monetary tasks, thus, this specialty is unique for any kind of study related to administration and economics.


 Entrepreneurship and distinction in providing educational programs and other research activities that serve the society in the field of accounting and finance.


Preparing scientifically qualified staffwith technical and academic efficiencies that satisfy the labor market needs of the graduates who have wide knowledge in the fields of finance and accounting.


 Preparing technical and scientific staffassigned and specialized to work in accounting and finance fields of study in the insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions and also in companies that use computer technologies to complete the accounting and financial transactions.


Description of the Graduate Task:

       The graduate is qualified to have the following tasks:

  • Working in all the institutions that have different accounting tasks.

  • Organizing the accounts and the balance sheet budget and other financial issues in all public organizations and big companies.

  • The ability to use the ready applications in all accounting and financial sciences of different types.

  • Working as a cost accounting and administrative accountant in big companies and institutions that depend on scientific management or on professional managers who adopt the quantitative accounting information to rationalize different administrative jobs.

  • Working as an expert and financial analyst in money markets and bureaus.

  • The ability to plan and analyze different financial activities at the banks and insurance companies.


The students of preparatory schools are admitted, those who graduated from the scientific and literary branches and also a rate of the best first quarter of the graduates of the technical institutions in the departments of accounting, banks and insurance, and some very distinguished officials.


The department of business administration techniques is committed to providing its students with distinctive, modern, practical and academic eligibility that coheres with the rapid local and international developments in today’s world of business and economics. Our curriculum is designed to introduce students to the various aspects of the free enterprise system. Students will be provided with a fundamental knowledge of business functions, processes, and an understanding of business organizations in today’s global economy.


Our mission is to provide high quality business education to our students through the delivery of a current, responsive, and innovative curriculum that promotes intellectual and professional development. We promote excellence through our teaching, scholarly endeavors and service to our stakeholders through strong engagement with the local, regional, national, and global business community.


To be the most respected department for providing excellent services in business education, research and consultancy.

  •        Description of the graduate Task:
  •        The name and contents information of the head of department:


Providing an educated and training environment that is able to refine talents and qualify them for the market requirements.


The department attempt to be an entrepreneurial specialty and to be main source that provide other organizations with graduates of scientific and vocational efficiency that enables them to socialize speeding propaganda.



  • Providing training and educational environment that helps to encourage students and prepare them for any market requirements.
  • Preparing staff with advanced writing skills and using modern technology in their field of specialization to develop journalism in the region of Kurdistan.
  • Connecting the theoretical learning with practical learning.
  • Strengthening the relationships with other media in the region to achieve the goals of the society.
  • The cooperation with local community to find solutions to the problems that face journalism and publishing new information, holding sessions , conferences and specialized educational lecture.
  • Training students how to use IT to develop their journalistic skills.
  • Helping students to obtain proper training in the different journalistic organization in the region.