department of Duhok Administrative Technical Institute


The Administrative – Technical Institution was attached to the technical institute in dohuk city which was founded in 1988.In 2010 the administrative technical institute was independent and subsequent to Erbil Technical Teaching Association and then it was subordinated to Duhok technical university in 2011.





The Department of Hospital Management seeks to prepare and prepare the student during the two years of the study to have the experience in how to manage hospitals and address the administrative problems that the hospital undergoes and make important administrative decisions. This section also seeks to give the diploma of the student to work in all public and private hospitals With a view to developing its work.


The vision of the department: The opening of such departments has a great benefit as most of our hospitals lack efficient technical management cadres with expertise in the field of hospital management. Therefore, the establishment of a cadre of the central management has experience in this area will develop the administrative work in hospitals, Of the new sections at the level of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Objectives of the Department:

The department aims to:

  1. Preparation of qualified administrative cadres with experience in the field of how to manage hospitals
  2. Develop work in the health field and how to manage hospitals efficiently.
  3. Possessing the ability to make managerial decisions.
  4. Full knowledge of the needs of the hospital and the ability to manage all human resources and medical supplies available to achieve the greatest benefit to the patient and rationalize the use of medicines and good use of medical devices in hospitals and time management. To facilitate the patient’s access to medical service and organize access to information and medical data accurately.
  5. The student has information about the global standards of health management in hospitals.

 Description of the Graduate Task:

A graduate of the Hospital Management Department can work in the following fields:

  1.  Public and private hospitals.
  2. Health centers and public and private clinics.
  3. Health insurance companies.
  4. pharmaceutical companies.
  5. Specialized clinics.
  6. Health units in the public and private sector.
  7. Health departments in different health areas.
  8. Contracts for hospital operating companies


 The Vision                                                          

Preparing distinguished scientific and technical cadres and giving them the needed skills for the managerial informational system.

 The Mission

Attracting the best academic cadres needed to take the burden of the educational process to accomplish a distinct learning, and providing students with the necessary skills needed in the field of the managerial information system so as to apply them in business organization where they work.

 The Objectives

  • To have very well trained workers in the field of the computer sciences and IT and also managerial information.
  • Providing students with the modern IT information to analyze, design, implement and preserve the IT of computer to assist the managerial decision-making.
  • Answering the society s needs through the activities that are matching the texts programs in the college.
  • Keeping an active program of assessment and quality improvement in the educational activities.
  • Keeping in touch with all modern and scientific developments in all fields concerning the IT.


The primary mission of Business Administration department is to provide degree and certificate candidates the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for transfer and career success. Our degree programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs which attests to our high standards and excellence in teaching. Along with our degree and certificate programs the Department of Business Administration offers co-curricular activities that assist students in achieving their academic, personal and career goals.


We aspire to become a leading metropolitan department of business, recognized for the quality of our academic programs and our graduates, will further our reputation as the region’s leading provider of business education and expertise.

 Description of the graduate Task:

  • Establish and carry out departmental or organizational goals, policies and procedures
  • Direct and oversee an organization’s financial and budgetary activities
  • Manage general activities related to making products and providing services
  • Innovate by applying new technologies in the workplace
  • Consult with other executives, staff and board members about operations
  • Negotiate or approve contracts and agreements
  • Appoint department heads and managers
  • Analyze financial statements, sales reports and other performance indicators
  • Identify places to cut costs and to improve performance, policies and programs.



This department was established in 2017/ Evening study, and in  2018 Morning Study, and this department aims to prepare a specialized technical cadres to work in the fields of financial and accounting sciences to find employment opportunities in the financial sectors and other financial and monetary institutions and other companies concerned with computer technologies that perform accounting and monetary tasks, thus, this specialty is unique for any kind of study related to administration and economics.


 One of the key elements of the Accounting Department is to meet one of the most important objectives of the Institute, which is to qualify the student academically and scientifically in a manner consistent with the requirements of the labor market in particular and directly. As well as work to provide a distinctive educational environment and the establishment of professors and teachers of scientific research and provide services to the community through the provision of financial and accounting staff and provide them in various departments of the state.


Our vision stems from our knowledge of the needs of the society and the labor market, which need such specialization, which serves all sectors of the state, which is not without any institution in the society, both public and private sectors.

Objectives and Description of the graduate Task:

  • Graduation of scientific cadres specialized in accounting sciences.
  • Provide the state departments with scientific cadres competent in accounting area.
  • Organizing the accounts and the balance sheet, budgets and other financial issues in all public organizations and big companies.
  • Working as a cost accountants and administrative accountants in large companies and institutions that depend on scientific management or on professional managers who adopt the quantitative accounting information to rationalize different administrative jobs.
  • Working as an expert and financial analyst in money markets and bureaus.


Due to the need of Duhok Governorate and the presence of a large number of media agencies, the Department of Journalism was founded in the academic year 2009-2010. Both male and female students were admitted to this department, where 40 students graduated in the first graduation attempt. It seeks to give the graduate students the diploma certificate in journalism.



The significance of this department comes from existing a large number of mass media and advertising agencies in DuhokGovernorate and having no academic institutions for technical education except for the Department of Journalism. That is why; this department will motivate the graduates to learn the art and science of journalism. Thus, they will serve in the media as specialists according to their field of specialization.



The main objective of opening this department is to develop the abilities of the students so that they can work in local and international media organizations, especially in our region, where there are lots of problems, crises and hot events. Also, the department prepares the students and develop their skills in drafting and directing media campaigns and elections. The department aims at making the students be aware of the duties and responsibilities within the community, as well as familiarity with how the modern techniques in the media convey the message to the public. Furthermore, the graduates will be well prepared from the national, legal and moral aspects, making them professional in serving the society and the Kurdish case. 


Job Opportunities

Graduates from the Department of Journalism can have opportunities to work in these places:


1. Media sections in governmental institutions and organizations.
2. Marketing and media sections in malls and commercial projects.
3. Working as reporters in newspapers, magazines, television channels and websites.
4. Working as broadcasters in radio and television channels.
5. Working as providers of political, social and economic programs, etc.