Departments Technical College of Health Shekhan.


established in 2013-2014 to educate the next generation of health technology and the possibility for technology to aid the healthscience and industry. The Technical College of Health is up to the challenge, providing the students with the skills needed to manage and lead in the important growing of medicine and technology. It will enrich the District and its surroundings with the growing need for well-educated professionals in the health technology and the advancement of clinical practices.





To create solutions for a healthier community by advancing public health knowledge through research, service, and the education of public health professionals.

Through excellence and leadership in education, research, and service, the Graduate college of community health promotes health and prevents disease

This is done By…

  • Creating the best possible learning environment.

  • Fostering a research approach to understand and solve health problems.

  • Engaging partners to improve public health and well-being.


Is to be an integral part of the community, working to improve public health.

Description of the Graduate Task :

  • Implementation of primary health care programs.

  • Public Health Services

  • Environmental health Services

  • Occupational safety Services

  • Health Inspection Services

  • Control of common communicable diseases

  • Participation in Conducting health and environmental surveys and implementation of  preventive measures.

  • Maintenance of equipment , devices, and instruments which are relevant to preventive health programs.


Providing Health service in the field of advanced laboratory analysis by supplying and training students by competent technical laboratory


-Effective impact by providing the health needs of the community.

-Careful monitoring of areas of scientific progress and the development of curricula and study plans and provide specialized cadres, scientific research and analysis sick.

-Create a better laboratory by providing the best services.

-Attention to scientific research.


Providing and supplying specialized staff and trained by global standards for high-level scientific work in various health laboratories in government and private sector.